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Sensol, Inc.

 SenSol, Inc. is the distributor of Kulite Semiconductor Products, Innovative Scientific Solution Products and Aerophysics Research Instruments in India. Sensol is a full service Engineering and Technology consulting firm.    As such we  have extensive experience and are very knowledgeable in the design and implementation of advanced optical diagnostic techniques. We  supply state-of-the-art Kulite pressure sensors, Innovative Scientific Solution's Pressure/Temperature sensitive paints and multi-component strain gage force and moment balances for industrial and R&D needs.  At SenSol, we are ready to provide turn-key,   integrated solutions for your technology and scientific needs. 

Our Products and Services

  • Kulite Semiconductor Products
    • Pressure Transducers
    • Signal Conditioners
    • Pressure Scanners
    • Pressure Switches
    • Semiconductor Strain Gages
  • Innovative Scientific Solutions
    • Pressure Sensitive Paint
    • Temperature Sensitive Paint
    • PSP Hardware & Software
    • Lens Controllers & Optics
  • Aerophysics Research Instruments
    • Multi-component Strain Gage Balances
    •  Calibration Equipment
    • Precision Machining
  • Advanced Optical Diagnostic Techniques
    • Schlieren System
    • Background Oriented Schlieren System
    • Particle Image Velocimetry
  • High Speed Wind Tunnel Test Training

Our Team

Our team of highly trained engineers and researchers has nearly 50 years of experience in conducting science  and engineering research at leading laboratories in India and the US.

  With a catalog of more  than 1000 products, to which we are continually adding new products, we are confident   that we can provide the optimal solution for your sensor needs.  In addition to   the existing sensors, we work closely work with the scientists and engineers of our   clients to design/modify sensor to meet their specific needs.   

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